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When it comes to managing the bookkeeping for your business, most small business owners tend to fall into one of the following categories; which of these small business owner profiles describes you bookkeeping services greensboro winston salemand your perspective of your business bookkeeping?

  1. The “I’ll ‘save money’ and do the bookkeeping myself” business owner.
  2.  The “I’ll ‘save money’ by having my administrative assistant / other employee do the bookkeeping” business owner.
  3. The “I’ll just save all of my receipts and have my CPA make generalized entries at the end of the year for my taxes” business owner.
  4. The “Enlightened” business owner who values professional service in having their bookkeeping managed accurately on a timely schedule.

Find your bookkeeping style, then learn about the numerous ways that Starboard Accounting & Consulting can add value to your business and your bottom line with a wide range of bookkeeping and business strategies to meet your specific needs:

The “I’ll ‘save money’ and do the bookkeeping myself” business owner

  • Unless you have an accounting background and / or have had extensive QuickBooks training, it is very easy to make erroneous and duplicate bookkeeping entries without even realizing it.  These mistakes can be extremely expensive to research and correct; especially if the IRS or Department of Revenue finds the error(s) before you do.
  • Without extensive training, you are also probably not using QuickBooks most optimally for your business model and are thus probably are missing valuable information that can help you to make informed business decisions.  Having a clear picture of your financial information will also allow you to foresee and react to potential issues on the horizon.
  • How much is your time worth?  How much time per week / month / year you are spending on your bookkeeping?  If you spent that same amount of time that on revenue producing activities instead, how much revenue could you generate?  Would that additional revenue cover the “cost” for a professional bookkeeper to manage your financials in an accurate, optimal, timely, efficient and effective manner?  Suddenly, it’s no longer a cost, it’s an asset.
  • Even if you reserve the bookkeeping tasks for the evening hours, you are missing out on opportunities to spend time with your family, friends, and activities that you enjoy.  Maintaining an effective work / life balance is crucial to keeping a fresh perspective that will aid you in most effectively running your business, saving your sanity, and fostering the relationships that add value to your life.

The “I’ll ‘save money’ by having my administrative assistant / other employee do the bookkeeping” business owner

  • See the first two bullet points in “do-it-myself bookkeeping” business owner above.
  • Your employee does not have a vested interest in ensuring each accounting entry is completed correctly; while you, as the business owner are ultimately accountable for any inaccuracies.  “Minor” errors by an employee who doesn’t know what he or she needs to know can quickly add up to big fines.
  • You can only make educated business decisions if you have accurate financial information on an ongoing basis.
  • Even if you provide your employee with a class and / or individual training, it’s a good idea to have an outside professional review your records at least quarterly to identify and correct bookkeeping errors before they become dated and difficult to research, as well as eliminating the temptation of employee theft.

The “I’ll just save all of my receipts and have my CPA make generalized entries at the end of the year for my taxes” business owner

This strategy may be fine for the IRS and your CPA’s revenue stream, but…

  • Your CPA probably charges a much higher hourly rate than a trained bookkeeper, resulting in higher preparation costs.
  • Documents can easily get misplaced or end up in the wrong pile throughout the year, which increases the likelihood of inaccuracies and possible missed deductions.
  • You are missing crucial data on a monthly basis which is critical to making important and informed tactical business decisions in order to stay a step ahead of your competition.

The “Enlightened” business owner

You recognize that just as your customers are making a wise choice by hiring you as the expert in your field rather than reinvent the wheel and bungling through it themselves; hiring the right expert to manage your bookkeeping is a wise choice for running your business.

At Starboard Accounting & Consulting, our professional bookkeepers and Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors specialize in “consultative” bookkeeping.  Our goal is to go beyond simply entering data and balancing accounts. By helping you understand what the numbers mean and what QuickBooks does with your financial data, we assist you in making wise decisions that will meet and preferably exceed your business goals.

Two of the most crucial factors in building a successful bookkeeping relationship are communication and collaboration.   QuickBooks often provides more than one technique to achieve the same end result; the option that is best for your business model may not be optimal for everyone.

The professionals at Starboard Accounting & Consulting will take time to understand the processes that you have been using, and then offer suggestions to provide you with the most relevant information at the lowest cost.  Throughout the process, we make every effort to keep you informed and comfortable with available options and procedural changes being implemented.

Our bookkeeping services include:

  • On-site or remote service options
  • Weekly, bi-Weekly, monthly, or quarterly service options
  • Customized service levels – from full-service bookkeeping to managing specific bookkeeping components your business needs the most help with such as bill paying, invoicing, statement reconciliation, general data entry, employee entry review, etc.
  • Monthly reports and consultation
  • Preparation for CPA submittal and communication with CPA
  • Unlimited remote QuickBooks technical support

We tailor your bookkeeping services to the needs of your business.  Prices are based on the average transaction volume, bookkeeping frequency, and the level of service that best fits the requirements and budget of your company.

Our Starboard Accounting & Consulting Guarantee:  Complete, Accurate, and Timely Bookkeeping & Financials.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to leave your bookkeeping to the experts while you’re out making money?  Call 336-397-4974 today to schedule a FREE one-hour bookkeeping consultation and quote.