General Bookkeeping

General Bookkeeping/QuickBooks Bookkeeping

It’s a lesson that many small business owners learn the hard way: The time required to keep your business running hardly leaves you any time to run your business. Chances are that you didn’t envision spending your days on bookkeeping and payroll when you started your business, but the more successful your company becomes, the more time those tasks take up, robbing you of your chance to focus on your actual products and services.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that using an outside accounting firm is only for large corporations. At Starboard Accounting & Bookkeeping, we specialize in working with small businesses. Our knowledgeable team understands your unique needs, and our general bookkeeping and QuickBooks bookkeeping services can be tailored to offer the support you need to get back to doing what you love.

General Bookkeeping in the Piedmont

Too many small businesses hire accountants who focus on their tax returns at the expense of bookkeeping. Taxes have deadlines, but that doesn’t mean you can push aside the normal bookkeeping work that has to be done throughout the year to file returns on time. In fact, neglecting the books means that some nasty surprises could be waiting at tax time, and those could have been prevented.

We don’t file taxes. Instead, we focus on your books, so you know exactly what is going on in your business. Are all of your invoices paid? Are the bills covered? Is your payroll manageable and does it meet the requirements for your business set-up? We’ve always got an eye on your bottom line and your financial health, so you can always feel confident that you know where your business stands and when you need to make changes.

QuickBooks ProAdvisors

Using QuickBooks for your bookkeeping needs is a simple, streamlined way for small businesses to manage their accounts. As QuickBooks ProAdvisors, we have specialized skills to assess your specific needs and to show you ways to maximize the benefits of QuickBooks for your business.

QuickBooks also makes it easy for us to work with your business remotely. Give us a log-in for your account, and we can manage things from a distance, whether you need routine bookkeeping work or have a specific problem you need us to assess.

Bookkeeping Without the Stuffiness

If the thought of working with an accountant gives you visions of an uptight number cruncher that you don’t feel comfortable with, think again. We focus on creating a welcoming, collaborative, and relaxed environment for our clients. You’ll always feel welcome to pick up the phone and discuss your needs with our team.

Our friendly QuickBooks experts are here to help you succeed with reliable, fast, and trustworthy bookkeeping services.

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Not sure how we could help with your books? Interested in finding out how QuickBooks can streamline your financial processes? Contact us for an assessment. We’ll take the time to understand your business, and our skilled bookkeepers in the Triad will show you exactly how we can support your brand.

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