Payroll Services

Payroll can be a slippery slope, especially for many small business owners.  Properly classifying hourly vs. salaried employees and subcontractors is just the beginning.  Then there are the tax deposits,Payroll servies winston salem greensboro NC payroll and tax reporting, getting employees paid on time, etc.  A few errors can quickly spiral out of control leaving a business in over their head and / or in hot water.

Starboard Accounting & Consulting is the BEST payroll solution for Triad small businesses!  By combining the flexibility and ease of QuickBooks with the knowledge and guidance of our professional staff, you get the best of both worlds between “doing it yourself” and hiring a fully-outsourced payroll agency (which is often cost-prohibitive for many small businesses).  Our service gives you the control to easily create your own paychecks with all of the taxes and deductions neatly calculated and managed behind the scenes, greatly reducing the odds of erroneous payroll entries.

In addition, since Starboard Accounting & Consulting’s payroll module works with your QuickBooks, you have the infinite ability to track your payroll expenses in multiple categories, track and bill to specific jobs, and sort payroll expenses by classes and tasks.  We will set up your payroll to best fit your business needs.  Then we process all tax payments, forms, W-2s, and manage correspondence with government agencies so that you can focus on running your business and making money without the dreaded payroll-related worries.

Can your existing payroll system do this?

  • Separate your payroll expenses by employee job function (i.e. Technician, Sales, Admin, etc.)?
  • Separate the time (and cost) spent on each function if one employee performs multiple functions?
  • Mark an employee’s time as billable?  QuickBooks will then prompt you to bill the appropriate client.  This also allows you to track outstanding billable time to help you monitor your future cash flow.
  • Separate your payroll expenses by store location, business department, or any other “class” in your business?

Call now to speak with one of our Payroll Specialists.  Learn how you can have ALL of these features with the same stress-free processing of a traditional payroll company.  In addition, our expertise can help guide you in utilizing the available tracking information to make informed tactical business decisions.

Starboard Accounting & Consulting is also a step ahead in our payroll services because we do not require our clients to sign contracts committing to a minimum time period.  Payroll processing is also available for non-QuickBooks users.  Call today for a quote:  336-655-5271.