Why Starboard?

We are often asked about our company name: “Why Starboard and what does it mean?” The name originated from Starboard Accounting & Consulting owner, Kerri Stewart’s love for sailing (in sailing, “Starboard” means “the right side of the boat”). It dawned on Kerri how much business ownership has in common with sailing. For instance, there are many variables in sailing which are outside of the sailors’ control such as wind, weather, water currents, waves, other boaters, etc. Running a business closely parallels sailing in that there are constantly variables such as the economic climate, political storms, family demands, employee needs, customer preferences/attitudes, and competition that are factors over which the owner has little to no control.

1sailWhy is it that some businesses seem to effortlessly sail off to the Caribbean, while others flounder and if they’re “lucky,” they simply drift along with no wind in their sails or in the worst case scenario, they capsize and sink? The difference, as in sailing, is in the business’ ability to utilize knowledge, skills and proper techniques to work with the elements, rather than fighting against them. Successful business owners know where they are, know where they want to go, make a plan to get there, put the right tools and strategies in place and “set their sails” to effectively maneuver for a successful voyage.

Small business’ financial information become the navigational tools needed to measure the progress of your business journey, continually make calculated adjustments to your sails, and reach your desired destination on schedule. Starboard Accounting & Consulting provides Bookkeeping , QuickBooks consulting, and Payroll services for small businesses all over the Triad.

As part of your “crew,” the providers of Starboard Accounting & Consulting differentiate our work in that the focus of our services is on the navigational side of bookkeeping: helping you understand what your numbers mean in order to make strategic business decisions with a strong return on investment. While taxes are important, the crucial purpose of good bookkeeping is to keep you on “the right side of the boat” so that you can run your business effectively with a strong profit margin and healthy cash flow.