QuickBooks Consulting

While QuickBooks is the most popular and affordable accounting software for small businesses, its “user friendly interface” can quickly become daunting without the proper training.  Many small business owners simply use the bare-bones capabilities of QuickBooks and thus are missing important financial information needed to make key business decisions.  Other small business owners over-complicate the capabilities of QuickBooks and find themselves wading through a web of duplicate entries and confusing or erroneous data; their financial information is suddenly held hostage by QuickBooks and they are quickly frustrated because they don’t know how to right the ship.

Starboard Accounting and Consulting can assist small businesses in optimizing QuickBooks for your specific  needs, systematically help you dig out of a confusing mess, and sometimes a little bit of both.  Our staff includes Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors®, which requires 16 hours of coursework and annual re-certification.  We have experience working on all versions of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks for Mac.  Our services include on-site and remote QuickBooks consulting at an affordable hourly rate designed to maximize your return on investment.

Many small business owners don’t realize that beyond the basics, QuickBooks software also provides the resources to:

  • Identify where your customers are coming from.
  • Know how your overhead changes from month to month.
  • Develop a working budget.
  • Pay sales tax effortlessly.
  • Track time, mileage, and all job costs in one place.
  • Keep track of your assets, and your equity in the company.
  • Learn how much you profit you earned for each job.
  • Learn where you make the most money, and where you may be losing money.

Leverage the knowledge of Starboard Accounting & Consulting to help you maximize what QuickBooks is doing for your business:

  • Company QuickBooks file set-up
  • Existing QuickBooks usage review and customized optimization
  • QuickBooks software version recommendations and download assistance
  • Technical support
  • Basic instruction and “best practice” and module tutorials
  • Data review and clean-up
  • 10% discount on all QuickBooks software and supplies

Learn more about QuickBooks software choices at www.QuickBooks.Intuit.com

Starboard Accounting & Consulting also offers a group course specifically designed for new Quickbooks users.  The “Smooth Sailing Through QuickBooks Course” will save you hours of frustration in learning key techniques and best practices in a classroom setting.   See our Upcoming Events below or contact us at 336-397-4974 for more information about the next session.